By: Ethernaldev
Dec. 26, 2021

DYOR Ama series #1: Squirt token

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:01 PM] Hello and Welcome @Crypdon !

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:02 PM] Good evening everyone. Thanks for having us! Really excited to do this AMA with you! 😊

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:03 PM] Glad to have you here for our first AMA, Could you please give a brief description about what is the $SQUIRT project?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:05 PM] Sure! $SQUIRT πŸ’¦ is an instant yield, auto LP (Liquidity provider) token running on Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to build a fun and vibrant community around gaming and NFTs. And we are aiming at the adult industry, so you could compare our project with $TABOO or $CUMMIES tokens - which are already well established adult cryptocurrency projects.πŸ˜‡

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:06 PM] Nice! Are you listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, any CEX? And where can the holders find your roadmap?

"Here is a preview of our NFT platform that we are finishing And here is the preview of Squirt17 game that is cumming soon:"

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:08 PM] Yes, we are listed everywhere! You can see our Coinmarketcap link here ( The link for Coingecko is here ( And the link for PooCoin is here ( πŸš€ You can buy our token on Pancakeswap - our contract address is 0xd2d7289db68395593d65101753fec9450ddfb699. And recently we got listed on Cointiger exchange with SQUIRT/USDT pair, so you can actually buy $SQUIRT directly with USDT! The link is here ( Listing on Cointiger exchange was a big milestone for our project, as we are still at a very early stage - we launched on November 17, so we are only 5 weeks and 2 days old today :) Moreover, if anyone is interested in our roadmap, we have a published a very extensive roadmap here ( πŸ˜‡

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:10 PM] So I was looking over your roadmap at the link you just provided, and i noticed no mention of a audit in plans has the project already been audited? How can we know that liquidity is locked and $SQUIRT is actually rug-proof as you claim?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:11 PM] We have been audited by Techrate audit company and we have successfully passed the audit! You can read the audit report on this link (β˜”οΈ Our liquidity is locked for 3 years. 80% of 640 BNB (sold out in less than 24 hours!) that we raised during pre-sale went into the liquidity. Current liquidity is 402.61 BNB (valued at ~ $221,287 last time I checked). You can see the proof for this on our Pinksale pre-sale page ( Moreover, if you search our token on the popular website, you will see that we have a perfect 100 trust score there! Click here ( Trust score is calculated from a number of factors including: token age, liquidity, associated rug-pulls, source code analysis, holder distribution and more. For example, if you search for the famous Shiba Inu token, it only has a score of 90 - see here ( And if you look up our well established competitor $TABOO here ( and $CUMMIES here (, they have the scores of 92 and 95 respectively. I hope I have answered this question well enough πŸ˜‡

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:13 PM] You did thank you for clarifying, I have just a few more questions here and we will be getting to choosing and answering the questions for the giveaway! I see you described your token as "Instant yield", Can you explain the taxation rate in your project and how does it work?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:16 PM] [In reply to Ethernal] Ok, I will try 😊 Our tax rate is set at 7%. Therefore, if you purchase our token, we recommend setting the slippage of 8-10%. Regarding the tax, 3% goes towards the instant yield, which is sent out to all token holders. So if you hold $SQUIRT in your wallet, you will automatically see your balance grow, without the need to stake your tokens. Your amount of tokens will increase every time someone is transacting, buying or selling their tokens. πŸš€ Then 2% of the tax is for auto LP (Liquidity provider), that constantly builds our liquidity over time with each trade or transaction. πŸ’¦ And finally, 2% goes to our marketing and development wallet, which will primarily be used for collaborations with various adult stars, both via NFT content and promotional cameo videos about $SQUIRT. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

.Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:18 PM] In my opinion you and your team have a very interesting project on your hands, How did you get the idea for such interesting name - Squirt Game?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:19 PM] [In reply to Ethernal] That's a very good question 😁 We saw that Squid Game Netflix series was taking over the world and crypto πŸš€ And we were quite pissed and furious about $SQUID token that famously rugged its the investors πŸ‘ŽπŸ» So we thought, why not create a token based on Squid Game Netflix tv series, which would be 100% rug-proof β˜”οΈ and also fun 😊? So we decided to combine two biggest things- Squid Game and Adult industry and create $SQUIRT token based on that. However, we are currently undergoing a soft rebrand and going from Squirt Game brand to just Squirt πŸ’¦ - we believe that this will give us a better positioning in crypto market among other adult tokens and help us with the future project development

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:22 PM] That is a very interesting Origins story! Can you share something exciting about the project future developments? For example are you planning to make a game and Could you provide some examples or maybe some sneak peeks for the holders to get excited for?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:24 PM] Of course! 🀩 Today we have released our new website design on! Please check it out! 😊This is still the beta version and we will keep updating and making better πŸ’¦πŸš€

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:25 PM] [In reply to Crypdon |] Beautiful, Complete makeover from when i last seen it!

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:26 PM] [In reply to Ethernal] Thanks, we have the best full stack developers and designers on our team πŸ˜‡ Moreover, we are planning to do a new year token burn - we want to be deflationary and increase the value of $SQUIRT tokens, so we will burning all the reflections that our marketing wallet has accumulated so far.πŸ’¦ Going forward, we plan to release the NFT platform and Squirt17 game in the beginning of 2022 Q1 - hopefully January πŸš€ Here is a preview of our NFT platform that we are finishing And here is the preview of Squirt17 game that is cumming soon:(attached ABOVE)

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:27 PM] We believe that the release of SquirtNFT marketplace and Squirt17 game, combined with heavy marketing, will give a big boost to $SQUIRT πŸ’¦ price πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:30 PM] [In reply to Crypdon |] I have took notice on some of the beautiful design work made by your team, Could you share information about the team? Is team doxxed? And how do you control projects funds between your whole team? are they vested / Multi signature or something like such ?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:32 PM] [In reply to Ethernal] Thanks for the compliments 😊 We are an international team of 8 members. We all have different skills, such as solidity development, full-stack development, design, product and community management, sales and etc. We believe that combination of all these skills can help us grow $SQUIRT project. We have been in crypto space since 2017 and most of us have known each other for 3-4 years now. That’s why we have a very high level of trust with each other - which takes a lot time and is very valuable in crypto space. In my opinion, trust is one of the most valuable factors in crypto if you want to build successful projects :) At the moment, our team is not doxxed, because we all have jobs outside of crypto, working for big banks and corporations. Therefore, we cannot be publicly associated with an adult crypto project, because this would have impact on our careers and we might lose our jobs. Another reason for not getting doxxed is security, as we do not want hackers or thieves coming after us in real life. However, some of our team members might get voluntarily doxxed in the future, as this is required in order to list on tier 1 CEX, such as Kucoin or for example. Our team members have experience working on other big cryptocurrency projects as well, such as for example $Polydoge, $Akita and others. That's why we have a lot connections in crypto space, which I believe can help a lot with the future development of $SQUIRT πŸ’¦ Our project funds are safely run and controlled by team signatures from the Gnosis-safe wallet. Any transaction or change in the contract requires several team members to approve the changes from their wallets. βœ”οΈ

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:38 PM] Trust is a strong factor needed in todays crypto world that is for sure. Amazing Gnosis-safe is the route to go for sure πŸ’ͺ Well that seems to wrap it up for all my questions is there anything you would like to say as a closing message before we move on to the 5 community questions and giveaway section?

Crypdon |, [12/24/2021 12:42 PM] [In reply to Ethernal] I would like to thank all #Ethernal community for such a nice and warm welcome today 😊 Our team is impressed with Ethernal Finance project and its strong community πŸ‘ We believe that this AMA is only the beginning of our cooperation and that we can work together in the future πŸš€ Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:44 PM] Awesome, and thank you for coming on today it greatly helps everyone DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH, It has really been a good one and you instill high hopes that the moon will be a WET one!

Ethernal, [12/24/2021 12:44 PM] Awesome, and thank you for coming on today it greatly helps everyone DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH, It has really been a good one and you instill high hopes that the moon will be a WET one!